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的 Liberal 艺术 Model

Principia is a liberal arts college, which means that besides your main area of study (called “major”), you will also be encouraged to study subjects from a wide range of fields. 

Classes are small and often involve discussion, with everyone expected to ask questions and share ideas. Students also work on projects in small groups and make presentations. 的re will be lots of writing, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking. 的se skills can be helpful in any job and prepare students to contribute to society in many different ways.  

的 Principia Difference

的 academics at Principia are challenging, but faculty recognize that you have God-given abilities, and they provide encouragement and support. And they’re always happy to talk—about assignments or life.

Principia does not teach 基督教科学派—it is an academic institution where everyone strives to be a good neighbor by exploring and expressing the values of Jesus and the 基督教科学派 religion. 查看更多关于 Spiritual Life on Campus.


Principia offers bachelor’s degrees in 25个专业, or areas of study, ranging from biology to theatre. You don’t have to choose a major until the end of your freshman (first) year.  You may also take courses that interest you even if they don’t fulfill specific requirements. Principia College students graduate with either a Bachelor of 艺术 (BA) or Bachelor of Sciences (BS) degree.

You are free to choose your courses based on your interests and your readiness to complete the required courses. 了解 25个专业, or to go super in-depth, check out the details in the 大学目录.

Choose from two programs

四年计划—Bachelor’s Degree for first-time university students. More than 20 subject areas are offered for study.

转移项目—Students who have already completed a year or more at another university can switch to Principia to complete their Bachelor’s Degree.

One-year enrichment program—Currently our enrichment program is full and we have suspended accepting applications at this time. This program will be assessed for space in the coming year. We look forward to working with you and having this amazing opportunity offered again when the time is right. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: Principia does not offer master's or other graduate degrees, nor does our curriculum include remedial academic courses.

First Year Experience (FYE)

Each FYE program is designed to help new students prepare for the next three and a half years of studies at Principia.  Friendly professors will help you develop skills essential for success in a liberal arts curriculum, 包括写作, 分析阅读, information literacy, and critical thinking. 


You’ll meet with an Academic Advisor soon after you arrive on campus to get help choosing classes. 的y can help you understand what classes you need to take to graduate, and which courses you might take for fun.  If you’re not sure which major you want, they can help you find classes to explore which will also count towards the General Education requirements you’ll need to complete in order to graduate.  

Career Support and Internships

你可以 prepare for the working world by completing internships to get work experience before you graduate from university. 的 Internships and Career Development Office would be happy to assist you in exploring your career options.